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Free Practice Tests For You and Your Students!

On this site, we provide practice tests for you and your students. You simply go to the page containing the test, load it on your browser, and you or your student have a practice test that may be copied and pasted onto a Word document and then edited for content or spacing, if desired. What is unique about this site, however, is that each time you reload the page, one of four different questions are chosen for each of the test problems. So if there are 20 problems on a test and 4 different possibilities for each question, there will be four to the twentieth power = over one trillion different tests possible! So your students could practice with these tests and you could create a new, unique test for them to take simply by reloading the page! And do you know what is really neat? You can select the contents of a test, copy it, paste it all into a Word document, and then edit it for spacing, content, or pages. Also, you can share these copied tests with students or colleagues - just leave an acknowledgement Free Practice Test Courtesy of on one page!

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We Can Implement Your Own Test - And it is FREE!

To have your own test with multiple answers upon each page reload, you only need to send us back an Excel spreadsheet file with fields completed for the question, answer, and image files (if used). Then, send back the completed spreadsheet file and any image files used. We will take care of the rest! Yes, it is free - and you don't even have to "join" anything or sign up for some service! See this page for submission details.

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